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The T​.​A​.​B​.​L​.​E. TOO

by The Cornel West Theory

1st Verse kiss the moon kiss the sun pistol whip the body with no bullets in the gun sun this is the decision the valley for all competition precision the mission listen all my children ...these girls in the club don't give a hey ...that's why they say our time is wasted drinkin lean in the basement do the trampoline in the matrix kings on a slaveship I'm on my triple stack ( 3000 ) Andre they'd rather watch Ye than see 50 shades of Freddie Gray but what would Tuff Gong say? the moment your song played? the moment you hit stage? to kiss the fist the list the list goes on & on on & on on & on on & on ON & ON We're at war until the MOVE family comes outta prison STOCKTON slap yo ass senseless 2nd Verse Gnash Slap Smash Tap Snap Nap Slash Gash then Mash u bak Kill or be Killed Bust Blood squirt on map Cap jaws flat w Boxin Glove Gats Work Hurt Kirk Murk to dirt thru Earth 5 rounds in Octagon Mound Warriors dont need Crowns Search and Found Pressure hounds reigned down by Ground and Pound Fist missile tissue I train official Alpha Might Fuk your bitch ass Mic Hooked lightnin strikes Hammer drops rocks drop ROCK Muffle your punch Scissor cuts precision cuts delivered blunt injured sharp We'll see who got the bigger Heart Crak a hole in your Ziggurat w 1.21 gigawatts What the hell is a gigawatt? Enough Shock to stop a Nigga Heart
77 Buick 05:17
1st Verse Pass the new balance my nigga and a Trigga that can end it for the whole world Guard gold girls and then fly from Lo-Lo higher than Polo I riot of Dolo pilot off Solo and Go-Go Killen em softly in slo mo a yo bro I cant take it no mo I tried Atonement but Time is the Opponent of the Moment I got distracted and old quick the Street freezer burns dumb soldiers w lead splinters on Winter and Summer Solstice but enough of this depressed spewing A Ask Me How I'm Doin How U Doin ? I'm ji aight I'm broke but feelin shine from the Limelight whateva in Hindsight a brutha never really struggled so I thank my father Ronald Dobbins he gave me Arms to bomb Goblins and if u got a problem then u got a problem cant apologize and u cant for me so if u want a Sorry then SORRY swim the waters on some johnny-ish Pendellum liftin swingin Shiftin Poly rhythmic My ingenuity dont allow limits or to mimic gimmicks I pivot prolific and forgiveness isnt in the judge's Sentence that's y i spell SPELLS in every sentence discard the litmus test as long as GOD accepts ME that's divine recipe stirrin ingredients cookin longevity open up that PASCHAL BEVERLY RANDOLPH dark and light tug of war stuck at a standoff Man Falls Man Rise Stand Strong Hands off ALL Manifestations healin on my tongue brewin this is MILLER VS EWING yall cant SPIKE what I'm doin 1977 + 1 now shut the Buick and DRIVE Chorus I'm riding in my 77 buick u said we couldn't do it youngin we did it u think I give a shit what u think straight fumes no gas in the tank grind dirty ( last bar ) Repeat 2x point blank ( last bar ) 2nd Verse music for the riders the drivers regular 9 to 5ers lions and the vipers its raining raining put on your wipers smoking where's my lighter? we cut from that mud cloth fiber potent in the cipher eternally raw beat grinder s-slang tiger I'm a trained sniper mayne we overcame the pain to move your brain higher the flames hotter feel the mothafuckin stove no kitchen straight pitching in the mutha fuckin cold but it's getting old dog y'all wanna be O dog until you pissin in prison missing them phone calls bones fall in Rome hold these I got my own balls from Dix Street Tim 2 Deep beat the stonewall I own y'all no lean I won't fall PROtein in each bar so mean no sweetheart so clean the lines between they leave teeth marks in each spot without goons slim I'm street smart CHA! burn out di ras clot! dem wonder if mi ago dead up inna graveyard they only wanna see my niggaz in the graveyard dem never know that I N I and I's a braveheart youngins is brainwashed some of them HATE GOD tension's the trademark penicillin that paints art loud in my engine straight vincent watch the Van Go Belly full O' lead Huddy Ledbetter banjo staying out the Bando why? cause it's a trap door started from the bottom what the f*ck would you go back for? Sucks what's the act fo? you embarrassing Black folks straight jokes tell me what the F*ck u niggaz rap for? U frontin in BLACKFACE wit your back broke burn all the mp3s that freeze mine and freeze time I squeeze 9 believe mine I'm just a reverend with a message and medicine meant to free minds. Chorus I'm riding in my 77 buick u said we couldn't do it youngin we did it u think I give a shit what u think straight fumes no gas in the tank grind dirty (last bar ) Repeat 2x point blank ( last bar )
they came and went my 1st in burst in reverse wind to spin men with ten sins cause sin bends pretend friends pre-ten-din but then again we ain't friends begin when the beat grows my heat glows I speak in sequels to feed souls and reach those hoes and pimps the dead the quick your pedestal flips weed seed medical spliff uh-huh I hope your president's listening cause this wind spins to the top of the earth the dirt penman no the first women and men were NOT injuns they INDIGENOUS you're the immigrant ...pop pop pop who shoots the innocent wrap em in a christmas gift glass full O' ashes drinkin that wine wickedness see mine ain't fine but I'm diligent see mine keep dying the cry's militant black minds keep frying they still shipping it black lives crack rocks the crack business is BLACK LIVES DON"T MATTER police privileges just look where Bill & Hil Clinton is ...y'all still don't seem to be listening.
1st Verse son we actually in it my God as my witness I was minding my business refining rhyming climbing climbing up it's time to be it it cause we want our percentage so give up the keys man i ain't no beginner nigga I AM A MC cause I planted my feet then I planted my seed and the man that I be W E B and the food that I eat the same food that I feed the red blood that I bleed the dead rose to their feet the red roses are sweet the dumb fall at their peak the weak prey on the meek all u chicken fried niggaz who love beef this is my river swim up creek crush-ing u gun kings this one thing that got me tripping it's not me pimpin that pot that you piss in was given by the system my nigga it's them... 2nd Verse whut up Doc I learned reality from Block to pop Polystyrene hearts COPS DUN LOST THEy MIND I'm in a world where BLIND EAT BLIND and the ones left behind lose SPINE people grow to LOVE KILLERS frontin w them DRUG DEALERS but shun HEALERS A WALKIN DEAD OF DUNG NIGGAS I'm done w vigilant street rebels and militants and errybody else w that Membership huh jock CLOCKERS nah i put ROCKERS on NO ITA WONT BE TOO LONG step on philosopher's stepping stone I'm repping sketchin in poems GROWN bring it bak home LIVE WHUT UP RIGGS I'm bein me foreva Can u dig? and i dont play games cuz the game is rigged ask Bodie the TYRANT hates protesters and police so my story unfolds w GLORY IN 4D
1st Verse U MumBLIn StumBLIN PUNKED Crumblin BEnjamins w your DEMONic BROTHERmen watch out BLAK SUTHERLAND comes in 24 bet that only RATS hang in TRAPS destiny neck snapped GODSPEED jet pack METAphysical possession my professional weapon assassin action scope open wide range to CLOSE CAPTION sound drowned in BLOOD CASKETS NOT PICNIc BASkets your breath wears a death mask tongue manufactures plastic-speech keeps scrap heap deep TRAP TRACK MEET fleetin feet-less here comes cold PREACHER w heat burn Mendes MEAT Delete w'out mercy RAISE your FLag bend KNEES political trends keep your FADS from ending I'm defending PURE STORYTELLING Treme play for that fukin money is different fthan being played for that MONKEY MONEY THIS IS WAR Funeral of BLOOD pours growl and roar RAW Stomp that handicap rap Forged in the SWAMP and STORM BURN TRAP CRAP w WARLOK LORE Chorus ( Celia ) 2nd Verse Mosh pit party we the army GLEN RICE GLEN RICE been nice use my infinite potential push the pen twice then slice ride thru this world this life JT the VP is now the President John Teller's son let us in let is in dread zeppelin rebel-in kind of rebel that's metal shoveling it's suicide for your squad to come stepping in and messing in shit that don't concern U but it stinks my instinct is water in the fishtank I give thanks cause only JAH know what men think YEAH this is for MUMIA and the imates elephant elephant niggas for presidents elephant elephant u fuckin the world it used to be celibate I'm usually cool but I wanna yell a bit MEDICAL LIES FEDERAL TIES better than medicine I pray the skies open soon it's time to see that blood up on the moon thugs goons jemimas coons uncles mammies the end is coming soon
10 SPLIFFS 03:14
1st Verse 10 spliffs one chalice get ready straight kush no reggie I'm smell something smelly in the water I think something's deadly in the water lead fed daughters and now your sons drink propane these are the children of cocaine jane I speak sayings go be yourself be by yourself was the words of ( lil ) Dap but we ain't know what he was getting at consider rap 18 years back niggaz couldn't just walk in like that but nowadays most shooters wear skirts tie-dye dreadlocks and walk with a purse y'all head nod in awe like this works are we too hardcore to walk on this earth? you see these stars war for empire perks the iPads iPhones are just fireworks not even conscious rappers are armed and packing they all acting involved in fashion I'm only asking you still fighting for the music? or are you comfortable stalling the movement? y'all rapped that rap now prove it cause hip hop syndrome is down right stupid bitch made bling tone stuck on foolish the fuse lit dog we just might lost it! Chorus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 spliffs in a row uh huh aw shit here we go one too many drink lean and forget about love and then they shot up the club the shit seems to happen so much but see it's a sign of the times they're screaming fuck yours! get mines! 2nd Verse Tell your team to be cautious or be chalked into a coughin coffin smoKE ofTEN as needed geneSIS infiltrated the preACHER corporate COLOSSus fall godLESS the Auction costed less in 2013 in 2016 it'S enormouS onLY the servANTS can afford it frEE men of courage hustle poRRidge while slAVES stampede to buy joRDANS life is at stake money inflates DEbates for those that scrape and take and take the mEEk below bottom save FacE HARDly a sAINT i want to eAT bEAT and break this preaCHER has an orgyASSTic taste my eNIGma is porNOgraphy Hennesy and blibliCAL SCRIPTures w a splash of sufISM empty masturbatiON blues where eMASCulation rules this mAN contiNUES mADDening his HIGHER MASCULINITY MovE Chorus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 spliffs in a row uh huh aw shit here we go one too many drink lean and forget about love and then they shot up the club the shit seems to happen so much but see it's a sign of the times they're screaming fuck yours! get mines! Repeat 2x


What up family. If you're reading this, that means that we've succeeded in releasing our 5th independent album,
The T.A.B.L.E. TOO.
Here's the backdrop:
It's the last year of Barack Obama's presidency, and we were already hard at work on this and a series of albums to be released this year when we got the news...Donald Trump is the next president.
On top of this, the living conditions of many people in the United States have gradually slipped into deeper levels of struggle. Deeper levels of need.
At any rate, not to make this one too deep, We realize the necessity of a group like us, at a time like now.

We keep working despite the lack of budget and resources to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the REAL is out here, if you really want it.

The mumble jungle of rap is quite obviously gone too far, and their pop tart production is all ready and sweet for consumption. The talented tenth, meaning many of our respected artists, have chosen to make more relaxed music causing a huge void, so in need of filling.

We offer you the bread on our table.

The T.A..B.L.E. TOO


more new albums coming 2017. Stay Woke.


released January 20, 2017

All songs composed and produced by
The Dirty Church.

All songs mixed by Tim Hicks & Aissa Hill for Type 1 Records.

Trap Star Funeral features vocals by Blue Nefertiti of Les Nubians.

This album was recorded in DC, NYC, & Cleveland, OH.


all rights reserved



The Cornel West Theory Washington, D.C.

The Cornel West Theory is a band born in the belly of the beast, Washington DC. With the blessing and help of Dr. Cornel West, our goal is to help people reach their highest self.
Winners of the 2008 and 2015 Washington Area Music Association award for Best Hip-Hop Duo or Group.
We are the most dangerous group in music today!
Run with us.
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